Epilators remove hair by the root. Waxing and shaving alternative.

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Epilady Legend 4<br> Rechargeable Epilator  25th Anniversary Edition
Price: Php 3880.00
Sale Price: Php 3380.00
Price: Php 6980.00
Sale Price: Php 6480.00
Epilady Waterproof  <BR>Rechargeable Wet-Dry Epilator/Shaver/Trimmer
Price: Php 5880.00
Sale Price: Php 4880.00
The Epilady Legend Oval
Price: Php 3280.00
Sale Price: Php 2880.00
Epilady Esthetic<br>Facial Epilator
Price: Php 2480.00
Sale Price: Php 1980.00
Epilady Face Epil - Facial and sensitive areas epilator
Price: Php 1380.00