Why use an epilator and who is Epilady?


In 1986, EPILADY launched the first electric hair remover (epilator), pioneering the most significant revolution ever in the market of hair removal.

Within a short period, EPILADY secured its leading position in the international beauty care market and since 1986 has sold over 30 million units. Throughout the world, EPILADY's products have created immense international interest at numerous exhibitions in which they were presented. EPILADY expanded by leaps and bounds, and both local and international media recognized its amazing growth.

The name "EPILADY" has become the generic brand name for electric hair removers. As a result of our success, several of the world’s leading beauty care companies have entered the market, expanding it even further.

The first EPILADY hair remover became a worldwide necessity, from South America to Europe, from North America to Asia. Today, with our new, patented products, we remain on the frontier of ladies’ hair removal products.

EPILADY continues to expand its global reach, mainly through a commitment to excellence, new product development and the creation of fruitful business partnerships.


There are many reasons why women use epilators to remove unwanted body hair. From our customer feedback, here are the top five:

• Results last for up to 4 weeks. Epilating takes about 15-20 minutes per leg, but is only done once a month.

• Hair grows back more slowly, and diminishes over time.

• New hairs grow back softer and lighter – “like a new blade of grass”.

• Epilating is much cheaper that waxing in a spa, much cleaner than waxing at home, and leaves no nicks and cuts like shaving.

• “I will never shave again!” has become the mantra of all veteran Epilady users. American women shave their legs 11 times a month, on average, with older women shaving more frequently than younger women. These ladies have had enough! They hate to shave, as easy and as fast as that may be, and absolutely hate the day-after stubble. Solution – they epilate, with a passion.


Since Epilady has sold so many products (over 30 million served), it is safe to say that most epilator users in the US had an Epilady at one time or another. It was probably their first epilator, and if they are still epilating today, it is also safe to assume they love their epilator. One never forgets one’s first love…

This happens in the men’s shaver market as well, where there is extreme brand loyalty, and even more than that, many men have been using the same shaver for 15-20 years, repairing it and replacing the heads and motors as needed, rather than buying a new machine. Remember the old Remington commercial with Victor Kayam (“I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company!”)?

Many of our current customers have been using the same Epilady epilator for 15-20 years. When it “suddenly dies” (direct quote), they look to Epilady first for a replacement. In fact, some ladies who have a hard time finding Epilady in their favorite stores, will not buy a competing brand, and will instead use their Epilady until its demise.

Epilady has been a leader in the epilator industry since the company invented the category 25 years ago. Many companies have been in and out of the epilator market over the years, but Epilady has been a constant. Being the generic name brand, we have women who bought competing brands call our offices with questions regarding their “Brand X” Epilady (which is not ours!).


• New Heads - All of our current epilators are fitted with Epilady’s new, patented epilating head. Featuring 20-21 pairs of tweezers (depending on model), situated on a revolving cylinder, the new heads are faster and work better than any of our previous products. The epilating heads are the only ones in the market with a slight concave shape in two directions – top-down and front back – to better hug the contours of the female limbs.

• Ergonomic Design – All of our epilators have one consistency in design – they need to be comfortable to hold for 15-20 minutes epilation time per leg. The units can’t be too small or too big, can’t force the user to hold them at a weird angle, and need to have comfortable gripping points.

• Motors and Gears – Always hidden from the eye and mind of the user, this is a most important part of the epilator. Epilady spends many engineering resources to make sure that the epilators get the most pulling action out of the motor, gear, electrical system and epilating head, creating a machine that works better, faster and stronger.